Okay, Let's Get This Party Started!

Don't panic; we're gonna make it through this! :)  Again, we're going to ease into this so just grab a snack, get comfy and try to relax. Nothing here is meant to harm you. 


Future By Design

And here it is, finally; the 2nd and 3rd film that has inspired a movement towards a Resource Based Economy!

IF you would like to see the first film, watch it last and please remember that it was a personal project of Peter Joseph before he even knew about The Venus Project and he has said many times that he has moved beyond those issues. That's not to say the issues covered in the film are not important, but they are on highly sensitive topics and the point is to not argue differing beliefs to death. 


You can view it here: www.zeitgeistmovie.com

Bonus! Jacque's Full 1974 Larry King Live interview

Whew!! So, now what? Got questions? Let's get some answers! :)

Another Extra! TROM (The Reality Of Me)

This is a 12 hour documentary put together by one concerned advocate named Tio. He does not speak English well so be warned it is dubbed in a female computer voice part of the time. It is a great example of what an individual can do with the resources and skills they have. This documentary is a work in progress and he is open to help in improving it, but I highly commend him for being so helpful and dedicated! 


Below is just a preview, click here to visit the (well designed) website: www.TROMsite.com


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