Technologies of the Future

We are aware that it can be difficult to imagine a world such as The Venus Project if you're not already aware of where we are and are working on going technologically. These films are meant as an easy and entertaining introduction to this world.


Neither us nor The Venus Project advocate for the exact manners in which some of these technologies are shown, as much of it is framed within the current system. The intention is just to show you what is possible and currently being worked on today. 


Our Technical Reality

An often debated topic by those who don't think The Venus Project will work is the notion that we don't have the technology to pull this off. This video addresses this.

Automation is Here

Next World: Future Life on Earth

Next World: Future Intelligence

Next World: Extreme Tomorrow

At the moment this video is unavailable on Youtube due to being removed on accounts of copyright infringement (these people are so out of control, this shit should be freely available). Google it and I'm guessing you'll find it. 

Human v2.0

2057: The Body of the Future

2057: The City of the Future

2057: The World of the Future


We support The Venus Project and The Zeitgeist Movement.

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